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Ben and Jerome,

I too am very interested in the current fork in the road for DSLR uses. My 5DII has been taken by one son of mine! He needs it! So I ordered a Sony A7R. Still I wonder whether or not a Canon 6D, with more light focus sensitivity, or the 5DIII with water proofing and 7 frames for bracketing would be better. After all, I have so many Canon lenses.

Metabones stresses that AF with their adapters on the Sony system is too slow for prosumer/professional use. For landscapes or fine art reproduction, I see no problem with slowness, but for sure I'd use MF in these cases.

So I'm looking at the offerings of lenses that might take full advantage of the Sony A7R and there are not many available.

Then, in the b.g. of my mind is the strong influence on me that Cem Usakligil moved from Canon to the Nikon D800e. That move really made be stop to think again, as Cem is a very good photographer and particular for fine quality.

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