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Hi, Asher,

Originally Posted by Asher Kelman View Post

You brought to my mind the term "militate", which often is replaced by "mitigate" in our conversations.

"Mitigate is also commonly used in the adjective form mitigating, especially in the phrase mitigating circumstances. ... Thanks to his age and other mitigating circumstances, he was only given a two-year jail sentence. Militate means 'be a powerful factor in preventing something from happening or existing". [Oxford English dictionary.]
Yes indeed.

Another use of mitigate is to diminish adverse results. One can mitigate adverse results of a situation. Or one can militate against the occurrence of those results.

One could certainly think of what is accomplished by the cones turret of the A-100 Turret either way. But I find militate to be more poetically satisfying, and perhaps more potent.

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