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Originally Posted by Asher Kelman View Post
So today, Jerome, if you were building a camera with turret lenses but a digital sensor, what would you choose in format and lenses, given the same considerations of minimizing weight and bulk?

Would it turn out to be a thing like the video cams available for prosumers?

Nobody builds a camera with turret lenses any more. Progresses in optics, particularly the availability of aspherical lenses, have rendered these obsolete as zooms are more convenient and more compact.

As to zoom lenses for camcorders, most have something like an equivalent 24-300mm, give or take some mm at each end. Why? Because long lenses are a selling point (the customer find the idea of a strong telephoto attractive, even if they are not very useful in practice) and because we know can film indoor in available light so a wide-angle is actually useful. Wider lenses are available through converters, but the result tend to look a bit strange when one moves the camera around.

This being said, camcorders are rapidly becoming obsolete on the consumer market.

The closest thing to turret lenses is this:
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