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Once again, we start with one of Charlotte Thompson's beautifully layered constructed picture and then we see in the next room Niolas's Bangladesh picture o painted boats on the beach.

Now a small selection of Jerome Marot's brilliantly decorated walls of the now abandoned and raised "young people's camp or colony. A remarkable and rare extant record that vibrant life existed here before the bulldozers came.

Now if one glances to the left to the next room, we are greeted by Nicolas Claris' new abstract series made by moving the camera in relation to fixed lights ... next to it is one of mine of my muses, this is Jessica, a super gentle and fine educated educated young lady, (and speaks fluent Mandarin, for which I take her word as I have never learned a single word of that challenging language). She wouldn't take a fee for her work, just thrilled to collaborate as an artist!

Now in sequence, Paul Chamlee's and then Michael A. Smith's highly collectable works work printed large on super flat surfaces of Dibond laminated aluminum. This allows a large amount of light to shine on the picture without getting any glare or reflections and provides an excellent viewing experience.

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