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Originally Posted by Phil Marion View Post
reminds me of the two large slides in the courtyard inside Palazzo Strozzi of Florence

I am thrilled that you made that connection. I had never heard of this previously.

What is beyond amazing is that I have been working for the past week on a variation of my curves tube paradigm to build a sculpture that children can play in and slide inside the hollow tubes made up of a lower part of curved steel and the sides of glass!

Children are far more fragile. Toddlers canít be mixed with 10 year olds! I am designing a system to presort children to size and prevent dogs from entering and also making it a place for sitting and selfies!

This connection you have given me so reinforces my concepts to date. Still, it is so much more challenging to make a compact sculpture that is safe for children than this wonderful giant set of curvaceous tubes which fits into levels of an existing building with its own support structure.

Thanks so much for your links.

You made my day!

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