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Default Could we use more pixels?

Originally Posted by Cem_Usakligil View Post

I've just read this very interesting article at the Luminous Landscape site by Ray Maxwell about the Moore's Law and why it does not apply to digital photography. Certainly recommended.

Michael Reichman does like to announce new era. He did so correctly in recognizing the Canon 3D as the change-maker in photography way back in 3 MP days. Here however, the Maxwell's article references the physical limits of the wavelength of light on lenses and asserts that we can take no more pixels because lenses cannot use them. Well, that may not be quite true. Just some ideas to stimulate discussion. Could these work

1. Perhaps the lens does not need to fully focus the image on the plane so wide apertures can be used and the recorded potentials in the sensels be used to reconstruct the image by deconvolving.

2. No small apertures are used, rather ND filters instead.

This would put off partially the limits of the COC being decreased by smaller apertures. DOF determined by reconstruction of the image at different planes of the subject.

I think we will hit the wall eventually, but there's likely much more image quality that might be squeezed out by improving the optics and relying on mathematical solutions to complete focus, define DOF by focus stacking, extend the dynamic range, decrease noise as well as increase resolution.

These are not meant as statements but rather as questions to seed a debate.

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