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Default Nikon's 200-500mm lens

It's sharp at all focal lengths and as far as I have been able to ascertain in the two weeks I've had mine, it's sharp at all apertures at each focal length. The bokeh at 5.6 is creamy soft. It is a heavy lens, but 2 lbs lighter than the 150-600 Sigma Sport which I tried first. Focus lock is a bit more difficult with the 200-500 than with the 80-400 I was previously shooting but once I got the hang of it and of learning to use my ring finger for a quick manual focus, I've had only a few problems since.

I'm shooting this lens coupled to the D810. My only complaint so far is the cost of filters. I did order a gimbal head for shooting more static scenes or where the wildlife wasn't as likely to be flying overhead. All in all, for the money, I find it to be a sweet lens.

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