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Originally Posted by Chris Calohan View Post
It's sharp at all focal lengths and as far as I have been able to ascertain in the two weeks I've had mine, it's sharp at all apertures at each focal length. The bokeh at 5.6 is creamy soft. It is a heavy lens, but 2 lbs lighter than the 150-600 Sigma Sport which I tried first. Focus lock is a bit more difficult with the 200-500 than with the 80-400 I was previously shooting but once I got the hang of it and of learning to use my ring finger for a quick manual focus, I've had only a few problems since.

I'm shooting this lens coupled to the D810. My only complaint so far is the cost of filters. I did order a gimbal head for shooting more static scenes or where the wildlife wasn't as likely to be flying overhead. All in all, for the money, I find it to be a sweet lens.

So that's it, we shed these shells and get feathers and wings?: Chris Calohan


Forget competitions. Of course they will love this but to me this is worth making children books. Just make the pictures and then you can write the stories to go with them.

This is superb in magic and child friendliness!

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