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Carrie is the wife of an active-duty member of the US Armed Forces; mother of two; founder and chair of the Otero County (N.M.) chapter of Indivisible, a grass-roots political movement; recently-announced candidate for one of three seats on our Board of County Commissioners; and, perhaps best of all, president of the Alamogordo Roller Derby League. (Who said we don't have any culture out here in the desert!) She skates, by the way, under the name Mako. Our local team is the Alamo Rocket Dolls.

Here we see Carrie at a recent county political organization meeting in a local Mexican restaurant:

Douglas A. Kerr: Carrie

To our right is David, like myself a retired engineer of the telecommunication persuasion.

This was shot from my seat at the table, a fair distance away, with Carla's trusty Canon PowerShot G16: ISO 800, f/2.2, 1/15 sec, image stabilization, available light.

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