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Originally Posted by Nicolas Claris View Post
Will the catalog of the exhibition release the supposed shyness of people here (see Asher's post above) and then will the comments be more numerous?
Click the cover to discover more about NOIRS…
40 views in 4 days of this post and…
Nope! nothing, nada, nichts, niente, rien, que dale, لست نادمة, 没什么, 무, pa gen anyen, ništa, ei mitään, dad, τίποτα, דבר, 何も, rud ar bith, tiştekî, nihil, kahore, niekas, niets, ingenting, nic, ничего, nanaon, kitu, எதுவும், ไม่มีอะไร, hiçbir şey, нічого, không, גאָרנישט, lutho…
Sorry if I forgot your language ...
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