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Originally Posted by Antonio Correia View Post
It is indeed a great work.
I like it and I am almost sure that you will get a good position.
The sculpture is very modern and appellative standing very well on the green grass even if this one may be artificial as the water restrictions in CA are serious.

There's a local grass used in Kansas that can withstand dry periods. I'm happy even with yellow dry grass!

Originally Posted by Antonio Correia
Does your proposal work includes the grass ?
I think it does include the light system as it assumes a great importance.
Lanscaping is part of the development, not the sculpture.

Originally Posted by Antonio Correia
Do you have any safety concerns regarding the traffic ? I mean, the light can temporarily blind the drivers if too direct or falling on the driver's eyes...
The lights are designed and directed to only light the sculpture and will not be seen by the traffic. That is an important feature of the layout and is a standard consideration in any public works project!

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