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Default Ektar 100

I went to Acadia Nat Park last week on a nice day last week to shoot some film. I missed the nice early light because it was 0 deg F early. My old fingers can't take what they used to. I used one of my favorite cameras, a F-1N with motor drive sporting a FD 28 1:2.8 & a FD 50 1:1.4. I forgot to change my ASA speed and under exposed most of it. Ektar seems to like to be over exposed by by 1/3 to 2/3s stop but it came out OK. I think they would have been better if I hadn't under exposed them by 4 stops and had to fiddle with the colors.

While my 5DMII has its place I really enjoy shooting film. I have it developed and scan it myself.




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