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Hi Ben,

I like the figure in the shadows in their own thoughts. Are they coming towards us or leaving, tourist, local or tradesman or maybe a scholar? We don't know. Every brick here has seen all this and much more for many generations.

To me, I'd have tried to add all the height possible above that arch even if it was just a lot of sky, for the man is small and could be smaller. It's the stonework which is there despite who comes and goes. Alternatively, I'd do the opposite and shrink down and deal with the more intimate relationships and aura of that person by cropping away the right half of the picture. Had there been a figure coming out of the door on the right or a birds or dog or other feature then that portion would hold it's weight with some reason for taking up so much real estate.

So either it's more or it's less.

Anyway, if I saw it in a gallery or a book on fine photography, I wouldn't have raised these objections at all. You just opened up my own ability to bring to bear my imagination and allow me then to think how I'd have tackled this same scene.

I'd also accept and understand that we are also seeing the rebuilding of one layer over the other and that is what's there, after all!

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