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I find it interesting that the 40D does not appear to fare any better, noise-wise, than the (already excellent) 30D - again, Canon sacrifices advances in high-ISO sensitivity to resolution. Then again, I guess, they have 'improved' it since they kept noise constant despite an additional 2 Megapixels.

Am I correct in assuming that the 1D MkII / MkIIN still performs better at high ISO? (because of the larger photosites). I still do wish that, whatever Canon does with the replacement to the 5D, they'd keep resolution the same and improve the noise performance substantially (keep the niche as a great low-light camera). I'd hate to see a 16Mp model that has the same 'per-pixel' performance as the outgoing model - ala the 40D situation.

On the other hand, a 16MP or so model, with the same excellent performance as the 1D MKIII, and with a 8MP or so 'Small RAW' mode, should do the trick nicely for those of us that don't want higher resolution, but even better ISO3200! I imagine perceived noise in a SRAW image is very good, because one is effectively 'binning' pixels?
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