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Originally Posted by Cem_Usakligil View Post
I use another synchronization program called Backer. It is not real time, but it syncronizes assigned folders with regular intervals. It has very powerful batching facilities as well.

Re. the other two, Paragon Partition Manager is great although you should also take a look at the Acronis Disk Director. I use the two programs from Acronis, the DD and the True Image. So far, together with Backer, they do everything I need to do and you know that I continuously juggle with multiple OSes and HDs in my PCs.
Hi Cem,

Thanks for the suggestions, I'll check them out.

Originally Posted by Sean DeMerchant View Post
I favor using version control over mirroring. Then you simply need to back up the version control archives.

This can be an expensive proposition in terms of disk space. But it is a spectacular way to manage project files. I use TortoiseSVN in 32-bit. I have not tried the only 64-bit server side I can find.
Hi Sean,

Also thanks for the suggestions. Versioning might be next on my list, although one might achieve similar results with incremental backups, but much less user friendly. I may consider it for larger project software development.

What is your workflow here? What are your goals? Are you looking for image archive backup?
Valid questions! What I'm seeking to accomplish is multifold. First of all I want to be able and create/manage partitions for multi-OS booting. This is for software development when I need to verify compatibiliy under multiple OSes. It can also be used for redundancy, to keep or create a relatively clean version of the OS for quick recovery. Virtualization would also be an option, if not for a small voice in the back of my head that says that in practice, there may be a small difference (who'd claim 100% error free virtualization software) with the real deal.

I make mirrored copies of RAW files with Image Ingester (not 64-bit AFAIK) when they move from CF to hard disk. Would that be a better place in your workflow?
I'll check that one out as well.

Or are you looking to backup a clean install of your bootdrive with all your applications installed? Acronis True Image and other tools would meet that need. On 64-bit with enough RAM virtualization is another option for keeping your system clean. Virtualization also allows you to run legacy 32-bit apps in a 32-bit OS.
some thoughts,
Multiple goals, probably best served by multiple dedicated programs. The Acronis TrueImage program looks good, but that also starts to get bloated by the addition of more and more features. As complexity grows, so does the chance of bugs emerging when you least need them.

Thanks so far, I'm open to more suggestions.
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