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Originally Posted by Bart_van_der_Wolf View Post
...Virtualization would also be an option, if not for a small voice in the back of my head that says that in practice, there may be a small difference (who'd claim 100% error free virtualization software) with the real deal.
Hi Bart,

Do not underestimate the power of virtualization. Software such as VMWare, MS Virtual PC/Server and Parallels are all very mature programs. AFAIK, majority of any software testing you need to do can be done on virtually installed OSes. The only downside is if you are going to test real hardware & their drivers. Also, there are some other issues in the area of color management or other s/w components which need access to the real hardware, not the virtual counterparts.

I am a fan of virtualization. All the enterprises I work with as a professional utilize virtual servers nowadays. That should say something about the stability.

Kind Regards, Cem

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