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Storage - Memory All devices that are used to store image data.

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Old March 6th, 2007, 07:29 AM
Tim Dolan (Longwatcher) Tim Dolan (Longwatcher) is offline
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Default Quick review - Sandisk SDHC 4GB card in 1DsMkII

Just recieved a new Sandisk Ultra II/SDHC 4GB SD card and played with it a bit over the weekend in my 1DsMkII. As far as capacity and functionality it works, but while satisfied, I am not pleased.

As far as speed, the card doesn't go anywhere near as fast as I expected it to. I put it around the same speed as my old Lexar 40x card or just plain slow (opresssively slow is my really old standard Sandisk 1GB card ).

I am used to using Sandisk Ultra II 2GB CF cards as my primaries and have a Extreme III 1GB SD card for backup until now. Both of those cards are significantly faster then the new SDHC card. While I still need to confirm that I got a good card, since I bought from BH, I would think it is legitimate at least, but I have decided that unless I find out I have a bad card (fake or just bad ) that while it is okay for a high-capacity backup card for my trip, which will be tourist, archetecture, landscape images, I definately will not be using it for any Sports, Airshows, model shoots, or the like. I had a short model shoot on Sunday and the two times I tried using the card I kept hitting the buffer without effort and at very annoying times to boot. So I just kept changing out the 2GB CF cards, as usual. I wish the 8GB ExIV CF cards had made it Friday, but no..they had to show up on Monday. Now those I like.

Meanwhile, at the computer, they transfered data at about the same speed if not slightly faster then the Ultra II CF cards so can't fault them there, just in the camera.

Just my experience and opinion,
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