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Old November 13th, 2006, 05:45 AM
Paul Caldwell Paul Caldwell is offline
Join Date: Jun 2006
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Default Interesting issue MB Pro and processors under Boot Camp

I have been working with a MBP 17" with the 2.12 Core Duo processor. XP 32 bit Professional.

Since the begining I have noticed that sometimes this machine boots into XP and seems to just be way too hot, even with the new software with inputremapper, it gets hot.

Recently I downloaded the rightmark CPU utility, the only one I have found that can read the temps on the processor under XP. While I was running this morning, I noticed that the temps were really hot and 78 degrees C and the processor (NOTE processor) was running at 100%. I found this strange as I wasn't doing anything on the machine to take 100% but the temps assured me that the processor was active. I also wondered why I only saw one processor. I opened the XP task Manger and looked and sure enough it also only saw one processor, it was only showing the processor running at around 10%, which I didn't think was correct due to the heat being generated.

My point is XP had loaded up and was only showing one processor! Rightmark also only saw one. This is the first time I have noticed this and will start checking more often, but it sure tells me that something is wrong since XP will do this. I rebooted the machine by shutting it down totally and it came up with both processors showing, rightmark showed both and they were running at around 10% with no activity on the machine. The temps were also way down where they should be.

Net, this machine will boot up, into XP with only one processor showing, and that processor running at 100%. I am not sure if this happens on the Apple side or not as it's harder to tell information on both processors. I have the intel duo core software to run on the mac side, but can't tell from it status on both processors.

I just wanted to point this out and see if anyone else had noticed this.

Paul C
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Old November 13th, 2006, 06:11 AM
Cem_Usakligil Cem_Usakligil is offline
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Hi Paul,

I can't help you with the Mac side of things, but re. the XP side I can/will do my best.
When XP is installed, the installation software recognises the presence of single/multiple processors. After that, it loads a proper driver which can be one of the following:

1) ACPI Multiprocessor PC: Applies to a multiple-processor ACPI computer.
2) ACPI Uniprocessor PC: Applies to an ACPI multiple-processor board but with a single processor installed.
3) Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) PC: Applies to a single processor motherboard with single processor.
4) Compaq SystemPro Multiprocessor or 100% Compatible: Applies to a Compaq SystemPro computer.
5) MPS Uniprocessor PC: Applies to non-ACPI computers dual processor motherboard with a single processor installed.
6) MPS Multiprocessor PC: Applies to non-ACPI computers with a dual processor running.
7) Standard PC: Applies to any Standard PC, non-ACPI, or non-MPS. The CPU may be a 386, a 486, a Pentium, a Pentium II, or a Pentium III.
8) Standard PC with C-Step i486
9) Other

I suspect that your XP Pro has been installed as a uniprocessor system (could be due to a bug in the bootcamp driver set). You can check this by going into the device manager (right-click on My Computer > Manage > Click on Device Manager on the left pane) and then expand the computer tree on the right hand pane (ie click on the plus character) and seen what is listed underneath. If it says anything with unipro or standard, therein lies your problem.

If that is the case, right-click on it and then Update Driver > No option > Last option (advanced) > Don't search > Choose ACPI Multiprocessor PC > Install > Restart.

I hope this helps, if not please provide some more info so that we can search further :-).


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Old November 13th, 2006, 11:20 AM
Paul Caldwell Paul Caldwell is offline
Join Date: Jun 2006
Posts: 143

Hello Cem,

XP normally sees both cores. However on this boot, I noticed that the heat was very intense and was curious what I had running to hit the processor that hard. When I went to task manager, I noticed I only had one window open on the processor view, which actually should have been 2 windows. So then I checked futher with the rightmark software and it also only saw the 1 processor and showed the one processsor tasked at 100%. No doubt it was tasked as the heat being generated was amazing.

So I powered off, rebooted. This time XP saw booth processors and XP and Rightmark agreed in the amount of usage, around 10%, with nothing major open or running.

Just wanted to point this out as I believe it's happend to me before, just that I didn't think to check task manager. Sometimes, when I boot up into XP, the heat generated is 76 to 81 degrees C way way too hot, and I believe now that when this occurs that I may have the issue with the processor loading into XP incorrectly and thus being hit at 100%.

I will just have to monitor it and see if this happens again.

Paul C.
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