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Old May 27th, 2007, 01:22 AM
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Default Uncle Phils review of the K10D

From PentaxForums:

I wrote this after a long think in regards to Uncle Phils apparent objectiviity in testing the K10D on another forum he owns:

I have been avoiding this post for a long time. Why? Because of my obvious hostility towards Uncle Phil. This hostility never existed until, based on some rather key indicators and specific actions, Uncle Phil went over the line of "Apparent Objectivity" in to "Outright Favoritism" for the obvious competition. What do I derive my conclusions from? Let me say this. Uncle Phil is "Not" a photographer. He cannot take a photo. Now I'm sure you are thinking, yes he can, I have seen his photos. No, those are not photos. A photo "In My Not So Humble Opinion" implies a remnant of even subliminal forethought before pressing the shutter. That again "IMNSHO" does not seem to be the case with Uncle Phil. If you are not able to show even one remnant of talent with a tool how can one asses a product or the tool for creating the art form. It is the bases for all critiques. Film critics are highly evolved connoisseurs of the art form as are photo critics as are musical equipment critics. All of the music equipment critics are accomplished players and more importantly expressive players. My Dear Uncle Phil is none of the above.

His very subtle but incredibly damaging assessment of the K10D and his "JUST" word was what broke the camels back for me. I could not let this very subtle but effective "Marketing" aside pass without comment. Therefore I took the responsibility of making my own perhaps not so subtle stance of announcing the fact that even though Canon is a very good camera, I was migrating over to the Pentax brand. Now just as Uncle Phil decided to use the "Just" word which effectively diminished the "Highly Recommended" to "Highly Undesirable" to many potential customers, I did the same by stating, yes "I used Canon in the past and they are good 'BUT'", I am now switching to Pentax", which made Canon appear lesser than the shining star it was before I made the announcement. I am NOT saying that my announcement made a major dent in anyones opinion of Canon vs Pentax. That would be really bombastic on my part. But, I wanted to counter what Uncle Phil did by any possible means to prove that the K10D is as able as the "C" or "N" brands and I could prove it. Uncle Phil knew exactly what he was doing when he used the "Just" word and he also was cognoscente of the damage it would impart. That is what really "PISSED" me off.

If I was not a Pentax user but used the camera for review purposes and based on my opinion from my hands on experience, felt compelled to giving it a very good instead of an excellent that would be understandable. But that was not the case and it has passed quite admirably compared to the competition. Michel at "Luminous Landscape" another fellow Canuck, showed his true colors when he gave his assessment of the camera. His point of view was based on real hands on experience with the camera. Michel is an accomplished photographer and I have the greatest respect for him and his art.

It isn't the fact that it is a Pentax and I happen to be using it. It "IS" that the person who assessed this camera doesn't know how to express themselves with it. It would be like someone doing a "Drum" review who was comparing TAMA to DW or Gretch to Ludwig drums, but can't play the drums. Uncle Phil can't play the drums..In fact he is still learning how to hold the sticks.

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Old May 27th, 2007, 12:16 PM
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Good Yomtov weekend!

I have always used those reviews for reference to the redious specs or to find the original work of the second review of the original mind-blowing DSLR, the D30, by Neil Turner

This was the most important thing I ever found about photography on the web! It changed my view of what is a possible.

I have purchased prints from Michael Reichman. However, I have never requested any from Phil.

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