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Old December 27th, 2007, 02:36 PM
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Default Brazil's Pantanal Photo Expedition: Nov. 1-10, 2008

Brazil's Pantanal Photo Expedition, Nov. 1 - 10, 2008

I have recently developed a relationship with International Expeditions, an award-winning tour company with trips all around the planet. I will be the Photography Guide for their Photo Expedition to Brazil's Pantanal, Nov. 1-10, 2008.

The following quote is from their description of this trip:
The Pantanal is a “holy grail” destination for people who love wildlife. Located in a remote region of southwestern Brazil, this region is a wilderness of pristine wetlands, tranquil rivers and lakes, lush gallery forests and vast savannahs punctuated by tropical palms. The wildlife is so abundant and so easily seen that we often refer to the Pantanal as our “South American safari.”
On your International Expeditions journey you'll see giant anteaters, marsh deer, black howler monkeys, tapirs, and perhaps the elusive jaguar, which still roams these savannahs. Toco toucans, greater rheas, jabiru storks and more than a dozen species of colorful parrots, including the endangered hyacinth macaw, are on the list of spectacular birds you’re apt to find. To see a pair of hyacinth macaws or a flock of ibis against a blazing sun is something that stands out in your mind for a long time.
While the Pantanal alone is worth a trip to Brazil, we also explore Iguazú Falls, one of the most impressive waterfalls in the world, with thrillingly close views of its cascades from every bend of the trail. This World Heritage Site also protects an astounding diversity of tropical wildlife: red-breasted toucans, capuchin monkeys, colorful tanagers and tropical butterflies, among many other creatures.
For more information on this trip, visit either of these 2 links:

My page on the Brazil Pantanal Photo Expedition

International Expedition's page on the Brazil Pantanal Photo Expedition

Or email me.
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