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Breaking News June 5th 2007: Canon Mark III User's Guide Available Shortly

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
MARK III USER’S GUIDE by Arthur Morris available 2cd week in July!

It's still Arthur Morris' belief belief that the MIII is the best ever digital camera body for those photographing nature, birds in flight or in action, wildlife in action, and (possibly???) sports. It is, however, the most complex digital camera ever released. There are nine menu tabs that cover approximately 40 items (not including 57 Custom Functions in four groups!) Since the camera is quite complex and many of the basic camera operations are very different from previous Canon digital cameras, Art will be offering the Mark III User’s Guide (MIII UG) PDF (see below).

The UG will include instructions on how to set and use all of the menu items and custom functions that he's currently using, and best of all, your purchase will include at least one (but probably more) free updates (as he learns more about the camera). In addition, the UG will include basic directions for using Digital Photo Professional (DPP), the packaged RAW processor software that comes (on CD) with the MIII. As above, The Mark III User’s Guide update will be finished in about a week. It will include additional details on the AF issues discussed above, changes in the C. Fn. settings that Art is now using, and an all-new section on AF Micro-adjustments. There will also be a quick-reference chart specifying my C. Fn. settings and additional comments on when and when not to use C. Fn. III-5-1.

You can order your copy of the Mark III User’s Guide PDF right now for $20—by e-mail only. Paypal is convenient. You can call 863-692-0906 with credit card in hand, or send a check for the correct amount made out to “Arthur Morris” as follows: Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART, PO Box 7245, 4041 Granada Drive, Indian Lake Estates, FL 33855.