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Canon Angle Finder C: worth it?


New member
I was thinking about buying the Canon Angle Finder C, hoping that it would keep me from
standing on my head on near-ground landscape and macro shots. Does anyone who has used
this or something similar have any opinions? It would be used in conjunction with my 30D.

Nicolas Claris

Bonjour Daniel
I'm using a Canon Angle Finder C, though it is quite usefull, it is not very easy to use as the way it is fixed to the camera body is not very tight and that things move so that, particularly for architecture shots, it is not easy to have horizon ... horizontal (as way as verticals... vertical).
Quite tricky, may be someone has a fix for that...
Better try before buy... (not so cheap!)

Ray West

New member
Hi Daniel,

I have a cheap/early 'seagull' unit . It works fine with the 20D. It has various adapter plates for other cameras. These small plates are not well moulded, but the unit itself is quite nicely made. Later ones have 2x /1x magnification built in. It swivels around, so you can use camera in portrait mode, or over your head, whatever.

Best wishes

R Vestal

New member
Hi, Daniel:

We have two of the Angle Finder C's that we use on 1 series bodies (no experience with the 30D). For me it is useful, as you say, for the close to ground shots, the low tripod shots, setting up (low) remotes and I've used it for macro, as well.

The eye piece swivels 360 degrees with detents so I don’t have much of a problem when the camera is vertical and none when it’s horizontal. It also magnifies 1.25X to 2.5X. It does feel a bit “loose” in the way it attaches to the viewfinder.

All in all, I am happy with it, but YMMV. As Nicolas suggested, you might want to try it out before committing, but most dealers should be happy for you to try it in the store.

Hope this helps.

Tom Henkel

New member
It's probably worth it, but the product could be a lot better. It's one of those products that really comes in handy sometimes, but not something you would use every day. I have several major complaints with it:

1. It's bulky. Using it isn't bad, but walking around with it attached is a pain. I know it wasn't really designed for general walk-around use, but even at short intervals -- like moving your camera from one vantage point to another -- it's still uncomfortable.

2. It's loose. Mine attaches to my 1DMkII snugly, but the part that rotates 360 degrees could be a lot tighter. Even the slightest bump and it moves. And the focus adjustment, well you just have to tape that in place -- it seems to move for no reason at all.

3. It could be more flexible. The viewer rotates 360 degrees, but at a fixed 90 degree angle to the camera. If only the thing could be adjusted in two directions e.g., rotate it a bit and move the viewer to a 45 degree angle from the camera) it would be much better.


New member
I use my Angle Finder C almost every day - I absolutely love it - much more than I thought I would actually

I agree it could articulate more but when working on a tripod, which I normally do you can look not just down at the screen, but across at it and at every angle in between as the eyepiece rotates all the way round 360 degrees

If you shoot in close environments being able to look down at the camera from an angle and get a clear view is so helpful as it is on ladders. I wouldn't be without mine now, best accessory I've bought in years for my types of work


Tom Robbins

New member
I never leave home with the macro gear without mine. Objections already noted are valid. In addition to them is the need to adjust the diopter slightly when using the angle finder. This was true for my D60, all 1D series, and the 5D. But the ability to look downward when the lens is at ground level makes these complaints unimportant.

Tom Robbins


New member

Thanks to all who have responded; I'll keep an eye out for the problems listed here, but I think I might try it out; the attraction of being able to look down on the camera for low shots is just too tempting for me ;)

Daniel Hyams