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John Angulat

pro member
Hi all,
I'm not sure if this is where I should ask this question.
I'm new to Lightroom - can anyone recommend a good reference text/training publication?
I'm not getting "it" from NAPP tutorials, etc and I really need to hunker down and do some in-depth reading.
Thanks in advance,

Ken Tanaka

pro member
It seems that everyone has written a Lightroom or PS4 book. (Haven't YOU? ;-) ) There are many to choose from but I think it fundamentally comes down to two choices.

Martin Evening's book is an excellent, thorough inside-out inventory-style of reference in the same style as his Photoshop books.

Scott Kelby's book is a more problem-oriented outside-in style of reference, again in the same style as his Photoshop books.

As your message suggest that you're a bit adrift I suggest starting with Scott Kelby's book.

John Angulat

pro member
Thanks so much Ken, I really value your advice.

...and no, I haven't authored my own as yet...I'm afraid I'd set both the art and science of photography back 50 years if I tried to!

John Angulat

pro member
Hi Ken,
Sorry I didn't also say thanks for the 2 Amazon links. I just checked them both out. The reviews seem to indicate Evening's book might not be the place for me to start (a bit too in-depth and w/ an assumption of Lightroom basics).
I have always liked Kelby's books. I've purchased his from CS on forward. I'll definately give his a try.
Thanks again,

Ken Tanaka

pro member
I considered recommending the LL videos, Andrew. (I have them myself.) But John, in his initial request, indicated that he was not finding the NAPP tutorials useful and that he felt he needed "...to hunker down and do some in-depth reading". So I decided to skip the LL videos.

There is much to recommend in those LL videos if you have much patience and benefit from watching someone else working on the product, as I often do. Jeff Schewe has been with the "in-crowd" on Lightroom's development and knows it very well. But patience is definitely required, as this latest series of LL instructional videos features a tremendous amount of yuck-yuck empty footage and swollen personality color for my taste. Show those two old guys a clapboard and they want to do sit-down comedy.

John Angulat

pro member
Hi Andrew and Ken,
Thank you for the video recommendation. I'm not adverse to video training, by any means. The NAPP tutorials are great for learning a particular tool or technique, but they're not geared towards teaching in the grand scheme of things. I checked out the LL video and it seems quite detailed. Hey, we're not talking big bucks here so Ken, I'm in for Kelby's book and Andrew, I'll bite on the video.
Thanks guys, for all the help, it's much appreciated.