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  1. Doug Kerr

    Carla paints: Mi Casa Es Su Casa

    Until a few years ago Carla had never painted, but then she decided to learn painting with acrylic, and she enrolled in a group class taught by a very talented local artist and art teacher. You have seen some of her works here. Early in 2020, she began a new project, but the COVID-19 pandemic...
  2. N

    hello from cyprus

    hello, I am Nick from Cyprus. I do some amateur pics with my mobile and some adobe softwares.
  3. Tom dinning

    After PS

    I can never tell if my posts get through so I’ll do it again. After all these years I have decided to cancel my subscription to Adobe PS. whats next? ill probably continue to use ACR and Bridge for for a while and would like a supporting software that will handle RAW, layers and a good B&W...
  4. Tom dinning

    After Photoshop

    Since my downsizing I no longer have Photoshop as an editing program. Can any well advised photographer give me either a free or one-off purchase for an alternative. I’d like it to edit raw files (although I’m likely to continue using ACR since it’s free) and have some layering feature. Any...
  5. Robert Watcher


  6. S

    News: Lightroom 3 Beta

    For those of you who use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, you can find a downloadable copy of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Beta 3 here. As always, be wary and cautious in usage of beta software.