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  1. Vijay Mathew

    Colorful mini-trucks

  2. santos.turino

    Hi from Santurtzi (Spain)

    Hi, I'm Santos, a photo addict who loves abstract photography. But I love more subjects and I would like to share both photographs and ideas with you. I live in Santurtzi, a fishing village, near Bilbao, (Spain) next to the Cantabrian Sea. This sea has been the source of inspiration for most...
  3. Ignacio “Oscar” Molina

    A walking day in Blanes, Spain

    The gradients of blue and architecture!
  4. Chris Calohan

    Motion and Light

  5. James Lemon

    Street Portraits In Color

    I have created a gallery under "Media" thanks to Nicolas! You can see below at the following link or by clicking on the media tab header. Its a great feature and something that may useful for some having pictures in one place. What benefits can you think of that may be useful to you and the...
  6. Antonio Correia


    six images
  7. M

    The spring arrived

    Finally the winter finished here in France. The spring is here now and I took the chance to take some macro pictures. foto 01 (1/640, f5.2 ISO 100 108mm) foto 02 (1/800 f4.2 ISO 100 70.3mm) foto 03 (1/640 f4.0 ISO 100 17.2 mm) foto 04 1/1000 f5.6 ISO 100 4.5mm See you soon.