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eos r5

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    Canon R5 is the 2nd most used Canon camera on flickr

    What I found amazing is that it took a year and 10 days since announcement to be that popular https://www.flickr.com/cameras/canon/eos_r5/ The story how smartphones brought back sales of dedicated still cameras to pre-2007 numbers...
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    Yet another new toy, 1200 WS Ring light with 1200WS pack battery powered!

    Fashion models coming soon!
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    Back yard birds & another RF 800mm f11 test shot

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    Yet another Beautiful model EOS R5 RF 35mm

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    Beautiful model EOS R5 RF 35mm Macro

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    I have found the perfect RingLight lens!

    The Canon RF 35mm f/1.8 IS Macro STM Lens. It works with all the Canon AF RingLights including the ML-3 that I convert to my ML-3/200 head for use with Godox AD200 series 200 watt second flashes. It is the widest angle of view usable natively on such RingLights. This is very helpful when...
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    An open letter to Canon!

    How do you turn off live view shooting on the EOS R5 Not to be confused with switching between the EVF and rear LCD! Where the rear LCD is never used as a viewfinder and only used for menus and playback! Where the EVF is always used as the viewfinder and never used for menus and playback...