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fake news

  1. Jerome Marot

    Warning! Beware of This: The Book of Veles: How Jonas Bendiksen Hoodwinked the Photography Industry

    The original article "The Book of Veles: How Jonas Bendiksen Hoodwinked the Photography Industry" can be read here. Jonas Bendiksen was boiling with frustration over all the lies and misinformation in the media. He was reading about the Russian hacking, the role of Facebook and Twitter...
  2. James Lemon

    Covid 19 Lockdown

    The response to Covid 19 will prove to be a huge blunder. The only accomplishment has been the slowing of heard immunity and in the process put more elderly people at risk. They should have locked down the elderly but locked down the children instead.
  3. Asher Kelman

    Obtaining News: Sources and Reliability

    These are comments on “News” and how we get it related to such matters as the COVID-19 outbreak and Pandemic. I have created a new thread for this important new topic.