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  1. Don Ferguson Jr.

    Fall Robin

    Fall Robin walked up on. Don
  2. James Lemon

    Nothing is Wasted

    Nothing is wasted, and what might be the discards of one living thing are the nutrients of another
  3. Don Ferguson Jr.

    Red-shouldered Hawk Fall Portrait

    I was real happy to get this capture of the hawk this week. Don
  4. Jerome Marot

    Tegernsee: comparing 2 cameras on Fall colours.

    We all know that different cameras produce different colours. As I just happened to have two different cameras available and a picturesque landscape, I tried to do a test. For the first set of pictures, the two cameras are left on automatic exposure and I use the jpeg from the camera. I...
  5. Don Ferguson Jr.

    Fall Means Woodie

    Got this the other day. Don
  6. M

    My World: Fall

    Photos taken Tuesday and a few from before that I thought I'd share before the frost arrives and I change my mind about posting them. 4 very different views about the same seasonal subject. I know this one is overblown, but the sun was very low and very bright and yes, I loved it. The...
  7. U

    For Critique: Autumn colors

    Yes, i know it is kinda late for Autumn colors...but, the positive encouragement form Asher (http://www.openphotographyforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=7699) has persuaded me to leave my shell and post more pictures for review. Thanks in advance! -Umesh Bhatt Image 1: Abundance Image 2...
  8. L

    the secret creek

    the secret bridge over the secret creek in the secret valley.. lol