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  1. Jerome Marot

    Stealable art exhibition.

    The same gallery, in Shinagawa, Tokyo had an experimental event last week where exhibited pieces were up for grabs. It was originally conceived as a low-key event that might attract some covert thievery, where would-be robbers were told they could raid the gallery from midnight and only take one...
  2. Tom dinning

    The chair

    “But sire. All I wish is to sit!”
  3. C

    Contracts for limited edition prints.

    Hi I'm new, so apologies if this is in the wrong section, I did a search and couldn't find a thread on the subject. I'm keen to know a bit more about limited edition print contracts if anyone could shed some light on 1. Artist payments 2. Copyright ownership 3. Things to avoid. Thanks
  4. J

    The Altered Landscape: Collaborative Photography Project

    The Altered Landscape is a new collaborative photography project where photographers can share their personal visions of landscapes altered by human. http://www.thealteredlandscape.com I Hope you'll like it. Jérôme