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  1. James Lemon

    Chance Encounters

  2. James Lemon

    Masked Stranger

  3. James Lemon

    Street Portraits

  4. James Lemon

    Social Happy Meal

  5. Tom dinning


    Never let your wife wash your hat. It’s been my constant companion for 12 years and never seen the inside of a washing machine. Only rain to rinse and sunlight to disinfect. It has seen my hair come and go; and stay gone. It has been sat on, shat on, eaten from, beaten with, written on, rose...
  6. Tom dinning

    The cello player

    The fine art is hers, not mine I was just passing. In my next life I wish to return as a cello, to be caressed and sing in such beautiful tones.
  7. James Lemon


  8. James Lemon

    Up Cycle

  9. James Lemon

    New Driver Training

  10. James Lemon


  11. James Lemon