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  1. P

    Review: OPF is well design.. kudos!

    Asher, I would like to thank you for OPF. I am writing to you to commend you for for a forum UI layout that maximizes the width of any screen to fully appreciate and view the image. This was made possible by having the username & its details be located at the top of the post rather than the...
  2. C

    Hello there!

    My name is Chas, i'm a wedding photographer from France. Just found this forum online, looking forward talking photos, cameras, and lenses with you guys. Cheers!
  3. Mike (Petrochemist) Kanssen

    Hi from North Essex (UK)

    As I've recently signed up I feel I ought to introduce myself. I work as an Analytical Chemist using a wide range of techniques (some of which are optical). I've been keen on photography for many years, covering many of it's genre - including efforts from microscopy to astrophotography as well...