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  1. Antonio Correia

    Waiting for lunch

  2. Antonio Correia

    Igreja de S. Julião - renovation works

    I will make more shots tomorrow
  3. Antonio Correia

    May 2013 - book editor

  4. Antonio Correia

    My most difficult shot, ever

    And why was this the most difficult shot I have ever done ? No, not because of the light conditions but instead when the result came out of the printer. When you show or print an image of a landscape the colours may not be correct, imperfect... but when it comes to portraits the "think" is far...
  5. P

    Waning Light

    The light over the front yard at six pm.
  6. fahim mohammed

    Light and hope?

    The light is there. It might take a long time to reach us. But who makes the decision..to determine who can or cannot witness the light? I believe that The Light is for all of us to share. Let's witness the light together based on the humanity of that Light. Some believe that light...
  7. Tom dinning

    Black Forest

    It's the other me. The one you haven't met. You will find me on a good day laying on the forest floor with the worms and leached, waiting for the last light to signal the end. No photograph can record the blackness that follows. image by tom.dinning1, on Flickr