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  1. Chris Calohan

    Death by Lightning

  2. Chris Calohan

    Light Show

  3. Chris Calohan

    But Clouds got in My Way

    Still learning the nuances of my MIOPS Lightning Trigger, not that it would have made much more of a shot given the cloud cover.
  4. Chris Calohan

    More Lightning

  5. Chris Calohan

    The Best of Both Worlds, Tonight

    4th of July celebrations pretty much got rained out save for some local action and what nature provided.
  6. Robert Watcher

    Fun with lightning strikes

    We had a massive thunder and lightning storm tonight with lighten streaking everywhere across the sky - from one end of the city to the other. Massive pouring rain made stepping outside or driving virtually impossible. So unfortunately I was not in an ideal situation to be creative with my setup...