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    Twice bitten, not shy (LF)

    Some photographs want to be made, and I have had the most incredible luck making this one. I was on the beach when visiting family in the Cape, bag with my ole' Linhof Technika over my shoulder. A single unexposed sheet of HP5+ film left (I know, this sounds so clichéd, but...) It was mildly...
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    LF: Contact Printing!

    Well, not that this is news - people have known for about 150 years - but I have done my first contact print, and it's quite something to behold. I get the feeling that the conventional calculations in terms of the human eye being able to see such-and-such resolution on a print do not tell the...
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    LF: Reach for the light (a clash of elements)

    Hi All, I would like to share the following image, with a short explanation of what lead up to it below. Reach for the light (Linhof Technika V, Schneider-Kreuznach Symmar 150mm at f/5.6, Ilford Technical Line Film at ISO 6, 4 seconds exposure, developed in diluted D-76 for continuous tones...