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night photography

  1. nicolas claris

    Dancing at night

    Boats swinging at night while being anchored…
  2. Will Thompson

    Post your greatest blurry photos!

    Here’s mine!
  3. Robert Watcher

    Painterly Skies

    No Jupiter/Saturn/Mercury tonight, but there was this. The skies were spectacular, but the effect of a 20 min long exposure using Olympus Live Composite —- having colours and highlights in the sky, smear into each other - made the effort worthwhile. Fortunately during the exposure a car pulled...
  4. Robert Watcher

    Loading ship with salt at the mine

    Goderich Harbour. Ship being filled with salt. Second pic captures the arm moving as it distributes the salt across the container. The final pic is the ship leaving the harbour to enter Lake Huron and continue its sojourn through the Great Lakes. Very chilly and stark night.
  5. Robert Watcher

    My fingers, ears and nose froze during this exposure. Live Composite

    It was freezing standing out in the open with the cold lake winds blasting me. I had a warm jacket but no gloves or toque to protect me. Hopping back in the car, required several minutes of full heat flowing through my fingers, to return to comfort level. Welcome to winter photography Rob. LOL
  6. Will Thompson

    Disney’s California Adventure at Night!

  7. Robert Watcher

    Scenic Lake Huron

    45 minute exposure as ship left - heading out to open water, then off to the left on the horizon —- and waiting ship then entered the harbour with the help of tugboats. Pic was topped off with the tug boat streaking across the scene to settle in for the night. (Live Composite Setting)
  8. Robert Watcher

    Peering into the dark

    Taken in the dark. No moon, cloudy sky, isolated from the city. 1) Facing NW - Power transmission line to eternity - corn field lit by car lights 2) 180 degrees facing SW - grain field featuring Saturn and Jupiter
  9. Jim Olson

    Night shots

    Better with or without enhancement
  10. Robert Watcher

    Fun with lightning strikes

    We had a massive thunder and lightning storm tonight with lighten streaking everywhere across the sky - from one end of the city to the other. Massive pouring rain made stepping outside or driving virtually impossible. So unfortunately I was not in an ideal situation to be creative with my setup...