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  1. S

    Art in the Park

    up in Meredith, New Hampshire
  2. P

    Whadya Think?

    Village park in Colombia.
  3. M

    Dog Park

    The dog in the foreground is Sammee. Her former dwelling was a northern reserve. She was most likely part of in feral pack. Her life owes to a humane policeman that couldn't bear to shoot a young pregnant dog during a periodic cull. She had three pups after arrival at the rescue centre. The vet...
  4. S

    Bryce walk around

  5. J

    Iron Sculpture (with apologies)

    to Antonio Correia for stealing his title, but it made me think of this; Kodak 12" Portrait lens doing what it does best, beautiful form. 6.5X8.5 film. Old Kodak.
  6. Antonio Correia

    Small park

    Here, two simple shots of this morning walk. Simple pictures...
  7. J

    Colorado National Monument

    Joe Thomas : Colorado National Monument Okay. I just got back late last night from my camping trip to the Black Canyon and the Colorado National Monument. I was able to snap some pictures while I was there. Whatcha think?