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  1. S

    Essential Personel

    last week at a local lake 4 different rescue squads from 4 different towns (essential personnel) had to get recertified for water rescue methods and tooling. i wrapped myself up donned appropriate safety gear (multi mask. helmet, and life jacket) kept my distance and clicked away. here is a...
  2. Tom dinning

    Saving wildlife.

    On a small scale it’s easier to save one tiny bird than the whole flock. This one, on its first flight, landed in the bird bath and was drowning when Christine spotted it. I swam out and dragged it in, gave it mouth to beak resus and took it onto dry land for a beer. Mother bird called by...
  3. Asher Kelman

    The expressive face in the finest pictures you have.

    Challenge Initiated November 2008 We sometimes say that the great photographer can capture the essence of a person. That is a tough order. More often a finely executed photograph can show expression that is impressive and discloses much more than just the striking shape, shading and textures...