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    Post-production portfolio and marketing advice needed

    Hello, It would be great to get some tips and general opinions on a portfolio page I’ve just created (www.simk.us). I offer post-production and retouching services for advertising, fashion and editorial photography projects. I have a few questions to ask: 1. How can I improve the site? 2. How...
  2. G

    Photo Retouching Services

    High End Retouching Services - We provide high end industry standard retouching services to discerning clients all over the world. Please take a look at out retouching before and after section to get a feel for what we do. Retouching Porfolio
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    Retouching - Wanting some feedback, Can you help?

    Hi there I have just joined OPF and really enjoyed reading some of your posts. I have just begun to take my professional retouching into the freelance realm. Any feedback/advice you can offer me will be really valued as I am really passionate about retouching and want to produce the best...
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    7 Most used Techniques for Skin Retouching

    Here is a 7 skin retouching techniques they are almost close in results , but some retouchers Prefer to use just one tool of them for many reasons .. We are gonna show its results , and learn how to use each one 1. Smudge tool : How to use : 1. Select the smudge tool , make it's...
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    Sample photo editing using liqify tool

    Hi every body , This is a sample tutorial , for photoshop immatures .. Many retouchers ( who still learning photoshop wonders what is this liquify tool used for .. and May be they use it like this way ) * that's what i used to do before :) Like here in this example Original photo ...
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    my retouching work !!

    Hey everybody , It's been a long time since my last visit , i will start to be more active Here we go , what do you think about this retouched sample !! , this is my retouching work Please comment what do you think about it ! Before After
  7. J

    Hello from Lincoln, Uk

    Hello! I'm from Lincoln in the UK and have been interested in photo retouching for about 7 years now! As well as retouching I specialise in web design, SEO, colour correction and graphic design. So if anyone here has any questions they want answering I'd love to be able to help! John