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  1. S

    The Red Mill in Clinton, NJ

  2. Antonio Correia

    Fishing rod

    Fishing rod on the frontier India - Bangladesh, back in February 2016 Slowly, I am working on a collection of some travels we made to India. I hate this C virus and it's multiples variants !
  3. M

    Canada Goslings

    Each fine morning, my wife and dog take me for an hour-long walk along the McIntire River in Thunder Bay. Yesterday, I was able to get close to these kind birds that posed for a photo before venturing down to the river. How nice of them :) Cheers, Mike.
  4. T

    A Couple Very Simple Panos

    It's been a while since I've posted here. So just as an experiment, I thought I'd post a couple 1:2 aspect ratio panoramas. As a long-time user of Canon tilt-shift lenses, making images with aspect ratios that fit the subject has become an m.o. Rock River scene one quiet morning: And a hill...
  5. James Lemon


  6. M

    Water from rivers

    This is an easy way to use the flowing river to extract water e.g. for irrigation. Michael
  7. J

    Magatas river

    The mountain that fell in feb 2006 that cover the brgy guinsaugon, southern leyte