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rural ontario

  1. Robert Watcher

    Day Trip - Wake up and Drive - See Where we End Up

    Anne and I decided to wake up early this morning, and just drive and explore new places as a Day Trip. All roads were in remote Rural Ontario, North of where we are living. Fortunately from a photographic standpoint, it was storming - severe rain, thunder and lightning. A couple of miles into...
  2. Robert Watcher

    Blue & Green - Grain Elevators Rural Ontario

    Blue & Green - Grain Elevators Rural Ontario
  3. Robert Watcher

    Rural Ontario Findings

    History of Rural Ontario 🔹🔸🔹 #oldwalls #shingles #historyofhouse #storytellingpictures #fineart #creativephotography #artistic #textures #lightsteaks #visitontario #seaforth #ontario #explore #travelpics #travelphotography #travelphotographer #olympus #picoftheday #photooftheday...
  4. Robert Watcher

    Daytime Moon

    After two weeks, it was our first day out of self-isolation in Canada. I stepped outside the travel trailer we’ve been locked up in, and noticed the moon was brighter than the sky at 2:30 this afternoon. Shot through tree limbs with spring buds
  5. Robert Watcher

    GG’s Rose

    GG’s Rose in soft light Olympus E-M1 w/ 75-300mm —- wifi transfer to iPad Air - processed in Snapseed.