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  1. R

    Bright light in my window

    The moon was shining brightly into our bedroom window at 1:30 this morning. I could clearly see Jupiter to the right of the moon. Looking above and to the left of the moon, was another identifiable planet. Taking out my skytracker, I realized that was Saturn. Loaded up my camera with 70-300...
  2. R

    Planet Gazing Last Night

    A fun night last night. I finally have recognized Saturn in the skies - first picture with the moon. It was so high in the sky sitting just to the right of the moon. (how I would love to have peeked through a long telescope with this clear view) Leaving the mall the night before, there was a...
  3. Will Thompson

    The coolest way for NASA to spend my taxes, the back side of Saturn!

    The small dot in the rings on the left side is earth!