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  1. Antonio Correia

    Portugal, Algarve, Sagres

  2. Antonio Correia

    Mountain and sea

  3. Antonio Correia

    Years of service

  4. Antonio Correia

    Flying a kite on the beach

  5. Antonio Correia

    Morning fog

  6. Tom dinning

    What’s in a name Part 2

    Now that the subject of naming has been clarified I will present a tile for the following. what part does the title play in alerting the viewer to aspects of the photograph in a Descriptive, Emotional, Mental manner? Hervey Bay, Q’land.
  7. Tom dinning

    Places found along the sea shore.

  8. Tom dinning

    Waiting for peace.

    The ocean is a place of peace for some. The muffled sounds of surf against the sand. The turbulence of waves and wind. The endless horizon. Unknown depths. As I stand here watching and waiting I am reminded of nothing. I can wait or I can move into the image. I have chosen to move. Then I...