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  1. Don Ferguson Jr.

    More Backyard Snow Birds

    Some more. Black bird is a Grackle. Don
  2. Don Ferguson Jr.

    Backyard Snow Birds

    Backyard birds in snow, Upstate SC. Hawk is Red- Shouldered. Don
  3. Jarmo Juntunen

    Guards of Hell

    I literally hiked to hell and back yesterday. This is Lake Hell, or Helvetinjärvi in our language, a national park in southern Finland. I spotted a couple of interesting rock formations by the lake that gave me the idea for my title. Polar Night is about to end soon and days are getting lighter...
  4. Jarmo Juntunen

    Making more snow

    Two snow cannons blasting away to make new snow to ensure early opening of next season. Seen at Ounasvaara Ski Resort, Rovaniemi, Finland.
  5. Robert Watcher

    From my Doorway

    I woke up, got out of bed, grabbed my little camera, threw on a housecoat, unlocked and open the door exposing myself to the strong cold wind - looked the right - looked to left - looked down —- then closed the door and hopped back into bed. To my Right To my Left At my Feet
  6. M

    Color Panoramas SoCal: When it rains it snows!

    We had a fair bit of rain recently here in SoCal and got lucky with a nice covering of snow in the San Gabriel Mountains. Yesterday I was armed with more than the usual iPhone (!) and got some nice results, including a pano of several shots. More rain is coming Monday so hopefully we get...
  7. C

    Little planet winter scene, Au Jardin Botanique

    You know it's difficult to decide where to put an image. I find it very difficult to select any forum other than "Photography as Art", for anything except the photos I take as part of my "stock" photo collection. Eveything else, good or bad, I try to shoot from the heart, from the...