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  1. Jerome Marot

    Image management software.

    I will need to replace my present image management software within a year or so. I am still using Apple Aperture, but that software will not work if I buy a new mac. The obvious candidate would be Adobe Lightroom, but I am not impressed by Adobe's revenue model. I am looking for an alternative...
  2. Tom dinning

    After PS

    I can never tell if my posts get through so I’ll do it again. After all these years I have decided to cancel my subscription to Adobe PS. whats next? ill probably continue to use ACR and Bridge for for a while and would like a supporting software that will handle RAW, layers and a good B&W...
  3. Tom dinning

    After Photoshop

    Since my downsizing I no longer have Photoshop as an editing program. Can any well advised photographer give me either a free or one-off purchase for an alternative. I’d like it to edit raw files (although I’m likely to continue using ACR since it’s free) and have some layering feature. Any...
  4. D

    Capture NX2

    I put this here because it is the most logical place of all for Nikonites to find and contribute. As everybody now knows, Capture NX2 is a major update for Nikon's own image processing software and available for use since last week. Since I have been a big fan of Capture NX I immediately...