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    - RRS rev 1 Leveling Base for TVC-24 Versa Series Tripod

    - RRS rev 1 Leveling Base for TVC-24 Versa Series Tripod - for RRS TVC-24 Versa Series Tripod only - fits rev 1 and rev 2 RRS series 2 tripods (ref: TVC-24, TVC-24L) - condition: 9+ out of 10. the wrenches look used - includes thread caps and Allen wrenches Price: $200 above pricing is...
  2. K

    cheap for now or?

    FIRST POST!!! Ok so im a photo student and despite my wishes for no one to buy me any photo equipment my dad got me a Manfrotto tripod(around 150$). So this has forced me into this situation. Should I get a ball head for under 150$ just for now and later on when I have more money get the...
  3. D

    Gear and Gadgets: Questions on choice of the tool for the job and the lke! My search for the most stable tripod

    Hi All, I have never posted on the subject of tripods before! Regarding these essential tools, I suspect I am not alone on two fronts: For some use-cases, I require an exceptionally stable tripod (though I'm mostly a hand-held guy) I eventually ended up spending more on camera support than...