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1Ds mkIII Odd behavior (to me that is)

Sharkey Ward

New member
Hello everyone (as if you are all reading this - :)

Am I being dim or what.

I have just taken delivery of the above camera having moved from 1Ds mkII..

Am I doing something wrong? Why does the thumb wheel keep not working on the menu and exposure compensation?

I leave it for a while and it works again??

It first happened when setting my preferences and custom functions after taking a few shots in default on delivery.

Since then about 4 times working/not working. I have just had it working and have returned the camera to default settings to see if that makes a diffrence. Even if it does I have no idea what caused the problem.

I am waiting to hear from my dealer.

Any thoughts??

Thank you in advance.

Andrew Stannard

pro member

Apologies if this is a daft suggestion that you have already tried, but....

If the on/off switch is like my 20D it actually has 3 settings. The top position turns the camera on and enables the thumbwheel, whilst the middle setting turns camera on, but doesn't enable the thumbwheel (presumably to prevent accidental exp compensation).

Worth checking this isn't what's happening. If not then sounds to me as if there's a fault.

Sharkey Ward

New member
Hi Andy, checked that two or three times.

In the on position exposure compensation is stopped but the menu control is on. It is working now, but I have no idea if or when it may stop.

Joe Thibodeau

New member
If you were an early purchaser you may have dated firmware. Check with the Canon website to see if there are newer firmware releases.
Just to make sure,

Since I went from the 1DsMkII to the 1DsMKIII, the on switch needs to go all the way up on the MkIII or all sorts of **** doesn't work like I am used to it working on the MkII.

On the MarkII, putting the on switch all the way up made annoying noises, but otherwise did nothing useful for me, so I got used to switching it only to the first position.

Otherwise if that is not it, I am suspecting it is a call canon problem.