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2023 05 30 outtakes from the Tour of Somerville

Steven Sinski

Active member

_DSC6149_DxO-Enhanced-SR copy-X3.jpg

_DSC6476_DxO copy-X3.jpg

_DSC6346_DxO copy-X3.jpg

_DSC7624_DxO copy-X3.jpg

_DSC7880_DxO copy-X3.jpg
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Oh, cool. We have bike racing in our town also. So I know this and have taken pictures through the years. I live in a relatively small town compared to many places so they pass right in front of my house! There were no races during the pandemic and we also share the race with 2 other towns, so it's not every year but your images
bring back cool memories for me!

Steven Sinski

Active member
we shared the same issues here. this series of races has quite a history of international competition though it fell off with bike racing in general. this one made me feel that there's still life in it and may be making a comeback as it is the oldest race in the US of its type. it is only a few miles away from my home too.
I hope it all comes back as before, it was so wonderful and such a privilege to be able to capture them. Actually, I just checked and yes, the race will be on again this year, from the 11th to the 16th of July! It is unfortunately not in our town, but close-by, in Amos, which is 70km (45 miles) away. The race is composed of several races and they cover close to 700Km in the time they are here. It is international so very exciting! :)