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4 tonight

Paul Iddon

Found my first Bdellidae of the year - but unsure of the sp. and also a green thing which may or not have emerged from the black hole in space - as well as tiny oribatid mite (not my best shot though) and a very small vapourer moth caterpillar.






Tony Britton

Active member
A superb and fascinating series. This must be a really interesting and rewarding category of photography especially when results like this are obtained. You certainly produce excellent work!


Paul Iddon

Thank you again Tony.

It's an under-appreciated category in media circles, most people while they like what they can now see, don't like what they see at the same time. Most insects are shall we say, not the best lookers in the animal kingdom, often described as "only their mother could love them"!


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
I am impressed with the pleasant background but I realize it’s simply a leaf.


This kind of presentation is fabulous, as it allows the finest hairs to be easily seen.

Can you name this and how do you recognize it? Do you have an AI app?


Paul Iddon

I have an app (Seek) but it's an American app and doesn't do so well in many European insects.

Aside from what I learnt in the past I use the web and Facebook groups to help ID.

I have some printed backgrounds which I can place behind some subjects, but nature herself provides most of them.

The caterpillar is on the same shrub every year in my front garden.