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4th Photography & Fine Art Printing Summit

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

Glad to see the post.

I can say without reservation that the meeting is very much worthwhle to spend time and money to attend. In fact it is a bargain. In the past several years, the location and therefore the food has improved, the agenda refined and more expertise has been imported.

Even if there was no improvement on the very first one I attended, you will find well prepared instructors. Uwe, himself is somewhat like a book when he lectures. He almost paces himself like the contents of one single page. He looks around at the reactions of the group, O.K., you understand?, then he moves to the next page and leaves no-one behind.

He really knows photoshop workflow. Bettina, his wife is a talented photographer and they make a creative pair. He would be considered the printer of the group except Alain Briot is there too.

Alain himself is a rather elegant and confident but soft-spoken gentleman from France. He, unlike most of us, has had formal training in the arts.

Alain is one of the few I know who have made a career of landscape photography and fine printing, who not only delivers great work, but even warranty's his prints against colors being "off" or even against "not liking it any more"!

He conducts lectures on esthetics, compositon, choice of subjects as well as guides to selling and then printing and print critique. His photographic trips are popular. (I missed out last time because I was struck with severe bilateral pneumonia. I was not only extremely ill, but also terribly disappointed that I missed an experience I had looked forward to for months).

Oh, BTW, the presence of equipment reps gives a chance for hands-on experience with the best gear.

Finally, the participants, themselves, are all wonderful and interesting people with impressive portfolios. Sometimes, I shut my eyes and recall, one by one, the marvelous images I was shown: treasures. There was no arrogance or puffery, just excellent photgraphy.


NOTE I have no financial interests in this or any workshop or product mentioned on OPF and OPF doesn't warranty such matters.

My only personal wish is: To make it easier for serious photographers to have their vision recognised, refined and delivered as the finest print possible. That is the only ruler by which any commercial matter can be measured here.