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5D Portrait Profiles for Capture One Available

Edmund Ronald

New member
I have finalized my portrait profile for the 5D with Capture One.

You can request them from me directly by email.

edmundronald at gmail dot com


Edmund Ronald

New member
I agree.

It may be more significant/noticeable for Canon shooters (I'm one). I also haven't found a system I like more than C1 with Magnes camera profiles. I'm inclined to think, but haven't tested, that the benefits of Joe's colorspaces and varients are greater using C1 and Magne's profiles.


Why not try my 5D profiles ?

just email me - edmundronald at gmail dot com

Marian Howell

New member
edmund, can you describe what your profiles do, especially in comparison to magne's? when you call them "portrait profiles" does that mean you tweaked them for skin tones? i'm a c1/magne user for several years and would be curious to try them but would like to know more about them.

Ben Rubinstein

pro member
I know this is an ancient thread but would be interested to know if three profiles are still available? I'm trying to put together a C1 workflow but finding the 5D generic profile to have horrific skin colour.